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Find new friends from Friend Portuguesa including Araure and nearby cities, Acarigua (1 km), Villa Bruzual (28 km), Los Rastrojos (51 km), Barquisimeto (56 km), Yaritagua (57 km), Quibor (60 km), El Tocuyo (67 km), San Carlos (70 km), Chivacoa (74 km), Guanare (81 km), Nirgua (96 km), San Felipe (100 km), Tinaquillo (107 km), Carora (116 km), Trujillo (135 km), Valencia (148 km), Moron (150 km), Tacarigua (153 km), Barinas (153 km), Alto Barinas (154 km), Valera (154 km), Barinitas (158 km), Guacara (163 km), Puerto Cabello (165 km), Guigue (167 km), Tucacas (168 km), San Joaquin (174 km), Mariara (183 km), Chichiriviche (183 km), El Limon (191 km), Maracay (192 km), Palo Negro (193 km), Villa de Cura (196 km), Turmero (204 km), Cagua (205 km), San Juan de los Morros (206 km).

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Avenida 13 de Junio

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There are approximately 335 registered profiles from Araure. Including surrounding areas of Acarigua, Villa Bruzual, Los Rastrojos, Barquisimeto, Yaritagua, Quibor, El Tocuyo, San Carlos, Chivacoa, Guanare, Nirgua, San Felipe, Tinaquillo, Carora, Trujillo, Valencia, Moron, Tacarigua, Barinas, Alto Barinas, Valera, Barinitas, Guacara, Puerto Cabello, Guigue, Tucacas, San Joaquin, Mariara, Chichiriviche, El Limon, Maracay, Palo Negro, Villa de Cura, Turmero, Cagua, San Juan de los Morros, there are over 36,529 members and growing every day.